Argentina Trips

Ice Trekking on Perito Moreno Glacier. 

The Big Ice Trek excursion is a demanding guided hike of four hours of duration over the Perito Moreno Glacier. The excursion is a true trek, which you have to do with crampons; there is little time for photos, stops or lunch. But, for those of us who love trekking and being in contact with nature, the Big Ice Trek surely will be an unforgettable experience.

The tour starts at the Bajo de las Sombras Pier, 7km before reaching the walkways. After crossing the Rico Branch of Lago Argentino in a 20 minutes trip, starts the walk through a moraine to approach the glacier. When the path meets a terrific outlook, it’s time of strapping the crampons on and beginning the hike over the ice. The walk lasts for about 4 hours and you have 30 minutes for lunch. The best part is when you are in the center of the glacier, you will feel that your little group is alone in the world, and having a lunch there is an experience equal to no other. 

Lower Manso River Rafting

This full day, ten-hour adventure includes full equipment, rafting guides, and meals. Guides will make personal lodging pick-ups for all group members and begin the trip along Route 258, passing scenic lakes before reaching the destination Manso River. A special sightseeing stop at the National Park allows sights of Huala Hue lagoon and lakes Steffen and Martin. After the first leg of rafting, lasting about an hour, the group stops to enjoy the beautiful scenery amidst a specialty lunch before taking off on another hour-long leg of rafting, stopping for a relaxing swim in one of the many ponds or paradise-like beaches. This action-packed day ends with dinner before the trip back to Bariloche.
Adventure rafting tour AguasBlancas Rafting - Bariloche Patagonia

Sailing through the Beagle Channel

A boat trip is the best way to view the Beagle Channel, with attractions such as the sea-lion colony at Isla de los Lobos, and Isla de Pájaros. Other options include a more expensive catamaran trip or the historic 70-passengerBarracuda, which chugs to the Faro Les Eclaireurs lighthouse.

Horseback riding in Patagonia

Trail rides that will take you through an extremely varied terrain, from rocky snowy mountains through bamboo and beech forests out to the patagonian steppes, with a great variety of plants, animals and birds, such as the magellanic wood pecker, parakeets, and the magnificent andean condor. The horses are reliable sure footed criollos, withcomfy argentine-chilean saddles.